Mini Home or Travel Smudging & Energy Clearing Kit

Mini Home or Travel Smudging & Energy Clearing Kit

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SACRED SPACE CLEARING KIT: Clearing items perfect while traveling, or for clearing any home, space, or business.

~ a sage bundle
~ one palo santo stick
~ one selenite stick

It’s not only important to be aware spiritual energy that likes to occupy your space, but also of those who come and go out of your space. Because many times people tend to bring in the most intense energy. By doing a clearing you can essentially rid your area of any "low vibration" energy. And it can really affect how your space "feels" especially for those who are sensitive.

So needless to say it's important to clear your space: rooms, cars, workplace, etc. At least once a month. (For routine maintenance). Although, other people might like to do it weekly, or even daily.